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This is my humble little gallery. I'm not a terrific artist, but I'm always happy to receive helpful critiques and comments to help me improve. ^^ Feel free to take a look around, but please no sticky hands/paws/claws/talons/tentacles/whatever you have! Thank you.
I now take commissions. For info, please read my journal.


Ditzy Doodles
Really silly style doodles for really cheap. These are just fun for me!
Sketch commissions of one character.

If you want a sketch with more than one character or a detailed background, please note me!

[If you want to pay with PayPal instead, I have a price sheet here.]
Single character only, if you want multiple characters, please note me.

Either with traditional ink pens or digital. 

[If you want to pay with PayPal instead, I have a price sheet here.]
Digitally Colored Sketch
One character only. If you want multiple characters, please note me!

[Also available on PayPal, price sheet here.] 
Digital Simple Shading
Drawing of one character with either thick brush lines or thin, single-weight lines.

Please note me if you want extra characters or complex background.

[If you want to pay with PayPal instead, I have a price sheet here.]
Complex Shading
Drawing of one character with multiple layers of shading. 

Please note me if you want more than one character per drawing or complex backgrounds.

If you want to pay with PayPal instead, I have a price sheet here.]

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My Deadpool Taco Cat design is still being sold WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Please read the journal and info about it here: IMPORTANT: Design Stolen [edit: 4/12]
I've submitted two emails to them already and one Facebook message. Of course they didn't get back to my FB message but they didn't look over my email because of some bullshit. Be sure to read their website because they have a very particular way of doing it.

And yes, you have my permission to report the abuse. Screencap this journal if you need to.

And of course because I'm not a popular artist I can't really have a team of white knights come to my aide. Sigh... It's probably why they chose me... because I'm not that powerful. Pickin' on the little guy... thanks. Just what I needed.

Guh... That aside, been mulling over some things lately. Been wanting to get back into comics lately. My boyfriend suggested I make little four-panel comics over those dumb Undertale doodles I did.
You know, these ones:
Undertale: Sabns by NeroStreetUndertale: Puprys by NeroStreet
I still have more in the works, too, so expect those soonish.
I have an idea of how it would go, too. But mostly it's just stupid crud because I wanna draw goofy Undertale doodles.

I also have this idea for another UT fan comic, much more serious. There's no real "plot" to it, it's just a series of events that happened to the skelebros and dadster leading up to the start of the game. It's not terribly long, only about 7ish chapters at this point? I haven't finished outlining as of yet, but I'm reaching that point before the start of any project I tackle where it suddenly seems really overwhelming and I'm thinking about it on a page-by-page basis. But I also desperately miss doing comics and this would be a really good project for me to get my feet wet again.

I've also been toying with the idea of opening a Patreon. Not that I'm in any serious financial trouble currently, but we are living from paycheck-to-paycheck. And being a contract worker, sometimes I may have anywhere from a week to a couple months between shows. So having a tiny bit of extra income wouldn't hurt, especially since I've lost a bit of income from my RedBubble and commissions tend to be scarce.
I've discovered that Patreon has an option where you pay per content in lieu of monthly payments. Might look into that since right now it's not really viable to do it monthly since I don't come out with enough content right now, and I don't want to scare away potential Patrons.
Understandably, I won't have a lot coming in at first, but I'm hoping by the time I finish my Undertale comics, I'll have enough interest for people to support my original comics. Not only that but I'm hoping I'll be comfortable enough to come out with comics on a weekly basis and justify having a monthly Patreon.
My hope is that eventually I'll have enough to justify doing comics for a living, but I understand that won't happen for a few years, but that's okay. Even if I had enough money to start doing comics tomorrow, I couldn't because of my current status. Basically I can only stay in Canada if I keep working. Hoping I can get permanent residency status sometime next year to help get rid of that pressure and hopefully get duel citizenship eventually. But that won't be for a few years.
Truth be told, I got a Patreon account quite a while ago. Like... one or two years ago. I got it with the intention of starting on comics (and to call dibs on the username), but a lot has happened in the last couple years and I really needed to focus on keeping my career going. Now I'm starting to feel more like a valued employee and less like my head's constantly on the chopping block due to my international status. (Don't be like Nero, kids... don't immigrate to another country unless you have money for lawyers.) But I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my job. Hopefully I can apply for permanent residency status in a couple months and I'll be even MORE confident about getting jobs. The only thing standing in my way is time and chronic shoulder and arm pain.
Oh yeah, I have chronic shoulder and arm pain. Was told by my massage therapist at work, though I've suspected for years. Also carpal tunnel. It's another reason I've been holding back on starting comics. But I figure for now, I should just focus on doing what I CAN do physically and mentally until I can look into getting a chiropractor to help ebb some of the pain. And despite what you may have heard about Canada's healthcare, I DO have to pay for chiropractor services. (And dental weirdly enough.) Again, Patreon would help, if only a little.
Another thing a Patreon would help with is immigration stuff. Good LORD is immigrating expensive. How the FRICK do people do it???

I don't usually like talking about potential ideas I have since I always feel like it puts too much pressure on me. The only time I share WIPs and ideas publicly is because I'm confident I'll finish the piece or will follow through on the idea, which is why I rarely share them except to close friends.
For the record, no, I am not confident I'll finish those comics. I'm not even sure if I'll start them. I suppose it depends on how this next work project treats me. 

Eeehhh I guess this journal is mostly to see IF people have any opinions. Do you want to see more Undertale comics from me? No?
Or maybe I just wanted to ramble into the void. Sometimes it's nice to just spill out my ideas.

For now I do have a couple projects that I still need to finish. Some animations and other doodles that I should finish up before I start work again next week. Looking forward to it since a.) money and b.) that last project was pretty overwhelming and stressful. Gonna try to do better this time!
  • Listening to: Undertale inspired playlists on 8Tracks
  • Reading: Art of Zootopia
  • Watching: Questions for Karl (The Ricky Gervais Show)
  • Playing: Earthbound/Yume Nikki
  • Drinking: Tea



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Is that ok?
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OH MY GOSH I AM SO SORRY! It's been a busy week. And yeah, sure! C:
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I am
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I am. I just don't draw as much fan art these days. :P
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Maybe on one of her sad days she would wander some dead forest and sing out her sadness Chara 

YOu're very welcome<3
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Do you accept not-points for your recent commish post at all? :U Just curious.
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I prefer PayPal actually, LOL. XD Points are kinda useless to me.
Here's my commission sheet:…
Zeta-Neubourn Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016   Artist
Allllllllllllrighty, I shall send you a note. :P
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I'm AlexandraTale from UT Amino!
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