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:bulletred: = High priority (i.e. other person has given me their half/paid/on a deadline)


Stuff I Owe

Trade of Bohiel in the Portal universe.
Haven't started.

:bulletred::iconknallis-sillan: (fully paid)

-digital coloured shading, $30
The Hat Man with a smirk, surrounded by tendrils of darkness similar to the artwork from Scary Stories, the children's books.… reference……
The Hat Man is medium height, a bit lanky in an anime kind of way, has brown hair, and has a very coy, knowing kind of smirk. He wears a brown suit, a fedora hat, and his pants have pin-stripes.

-2x digi color sketch $20
1) Knallis using Dark and Wind magic. Dark magic is of course, blackish looking and will look like the shadow underneath Knallis coming to life with whips. It should look cool and stylish, as opposed to alarming and unsettling like the much thinner, veinier magicks the Hat Man will have in his image.
The wind will be clearish gusts, perhaps with a slight blue hue? Or not.… ref
Knallis has long black hair riddled with slit ends. It goes down to his knees. His cloak is fastened around his shoulders by a buckle. He wears a poet shirt with the etching of a willow tree in silver. Think about the door to Moria in Lord of the Rings. Wears boots, a robe underneath his cloak, and finally black pants. His eyes are sunset-red, all New Mexico style eyes in this guy.
Knallis should be in this pose:…
His eyes were inspired by Edward Elric's eyeshape from Fullmetal Alchemist but tend to look more somber.

2) A picture of Knallis's rival, the warrior Princess Cinderella, nicknamed Cinder. She is a gray cat with hair tied up in an elegant tight bun and wears a black rose in her hair. She has luminescent blue eyes, and wears a black, gotchic dress. She often as a coy, mischevious, calmly smile on her face. Despite Knallis being the "stronger" magician, her experience and skill makes her a superior magician, and Knallis might never be able to surpass her.
Audrey listened to me describe her once and decided to draw a picture of a cat for herself and /just so happened to make it look like my character/ and said it was hers instead, but then never drew the character ever again nor gave it a name.
[reference is put wherever you end up putting it--I sent it via messenger]. Cinder has sharp blue eyes and ashen gray-white fur. Her dress should be something you think is pretty but also "battle-ready". sorta something I guess like what you see in Fire Emblem's Lucina.……
except using dark purples and blacks. Cinder hails from a kingdom of eternal twilight and set in autumn, and they have an ongoing halloween/harvest festival motiff in her country. If you wanna play around with the design past that then go ahead.

-$30 for 3 page sketch comic of Luna and Rose.
2\3 pages of thumbnails finished.

Fox and Katt.
Haven't started.

Inked group pic of the main girls (Tatiana, Vixen, Fiona, Katt, Michelle, and Eve) sitting back and showing off their bare soles either be either posing for Fox or have them be like they're watching a movie or playing a multiplayer console game, whichever sounds more interesting with their shoes and socks discarded about‏.
4/6 sketced.

Commission of a vibrantly colored anthro moth chewing on a sweater and looking guilty. Base colors.
Haven't started.
Not paid.

:bulletred: SolWolf
Paid in full.
10-20 second intro animation.

:bulletgreen: 100% - Scribble test.
:bulletgreen: 100% - Backgrounds.
:bulletgreen: 100% - Sounds.
:bulletgreen: 100% - Storyboard cleanup.
:bulletgreen: 100% - Key frames.
:bulletgreen: 100% - In-betweens.
:bulletred: 60% - Cleanup.


Stuff People Owe Me

Dragon Cinda. Never finished the sketch.

Human Billy. Art trade from forever ago.

Lozer Dawg. Another ancient art trade.

6 and 17.


Oh yeah, goin' to Canada. Later!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 4:19 PM

Rantings of a Neurotic Artist

Oh yeah... kinda forgot to mention, between all the freelance work, work-work, and packing:
I'm going back to Canada. I'll be leaving tomorrow to learn 3D animation and hopefully STAY there this time, with a good, salaried job and everything.

I'll be taking my laptop and tablet with me so I can continue to work on art stuff, so don't worry about that. The only problem will be trying to find some time between school work and being goofy with my squishy.

Speaking of work, I'm extending the MAP project deadline AGAIN, because between another commission and moving, there is NO WAY I'm going to make the current deadline, and it would be unfair if I expected the other participants to make the deadline if I can't. Dunno when the new deadline is, we'll see.

Pretty darn nervous this time around, there's a lot more at stake. Basically it's Canada: The Sequel. And this time, it's personal.


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  • Watching: Dinosaurs
  • Drinking: Air


Nero Strasser
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