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September 12, 2009
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Lozer Dawg 024 by NeroStreet Lozer Dawg 024 by NeroStreet
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I decided to make the comics horizontal instead of vertical so I could play with the panel sizes more.

This is also another older comic (before I decided to give Sam a collar), but as you can see, the style is much closer to my current one. I was finally getting the hang of the style, and I really like this one.

No offense if you're one of those people who wear pajamas EVERYWHERE YOU GO. I just hope you don't SLEEP in those, too. Ew.
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Only time I do that during the midnight drive-thru munchies. |D I don't get the whole pajama thing, either. It'd feel too.... casual. >->
I think that too when I see people wearing their jams XD I'd feel pretty silly if I did it all the time, lol
silverwizardmon Sep 13, 2009  Student General Artist
naw, chicks that where pjs around town usually go out and buy a whole new set and never wear em to bed XD lol
NeroStreet Oct 15, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Yeah but... pajamas aren't durable enough for every day activities. ^^; Silly chicks.
silverwizardmon Oct 16, 2009  Student General Artist
that is a good point
yay another one 8D

i never sleep in any pajamas anyhow X3
to much clothes makes it to hot to sleep in.

but if i did i wouldnt go Out in them D8
lol a lot of people dress like that in my neighborhood PJ pants and baby phat jackets are a fashion statement in the valley.

I wear PJ pants outside occasionally...but never to school, and I'd put them on in the morning not wear them all night and sleep in them again 8( gross
I was always too scared people would make fun of my jammie pants if I went to school in them....even though a ton of other people wore them anyways. I was always a victim for teasing, even if everyone else was doing it. 8(
NeroStreet Sep 12, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Bah, that's why I hate public school. When I went to a charter school, people LOVED IT when you wore something unique. I used to come to school in a BUNNY HAT for cryin' out loud! I was the coolest kid in our tiny charter school setting. XD
Feh, but sorry to hear that. At least those days are over, ne?
wow! bunny hat! ZOMG that's so cute! i know you hate that word, but deal with it. I mean,come on. it's a freakin' bunny hat! when is it not cute?
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