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The Flame Angel Reference by NeroStreet The Flame Angel Reference by NeroStreet
HAH! I told you I'd do it... just took me forever to upload. DX Sorry about that.

More bio stuffs. Enjoy.

Full Name: The Flame Angel

Nicknames: Flame, Flamesy

Age: Over 2,000 years old

Sex: Considers self male

Species: Angelic god-like figure

Race: Personal angel

Birthday: Unknown, swore not to tell

Weight: Unknown, not really made out of organic matter

Height: Can change height from 3 to 50 feet high, but usually stands at about 8'.

Zodiac: Unknown

Blood Type: PURPLE! Like Shadow, he normally bleeds purple, and it's a very bad thing when he bleeds red. (I just forgot to put it on the reference sheet. Sorry. If you want color references for his blood, go here= [link])

Family: One "brother" named Shadow. (Not really biological brothers, Shadow's his demonic counterpart.)

Preferance: Probabaly heterosexual, but never had a girlfriend in his life, so it's hard to say. He calls it "dirty," and "not worth for a figure such as myself to do something as dishonorable as that!"

Likes: Anything "pure," his angels and their families

Dislikes: Anything "impure," "dark," or "dirty."

Favorite Colors: Blue and white

Hobbies: Doesn't have any, really.

Hidden Talents: Probably knows more about the universe than he lets on. He also speaks every language known to mankind.

Occupation: Ruler of the Angel World

Description: A completely white and blue-tinted body, long white hair, long elf-like ears, "flames" on his elbows and shoulders, four fingers, one thumb. Bulky with a six-pack. XD Go figure. And what I call "flame legs."

Attire: Armor when in battle. Other than that, nothing.

Personality: Cheery and upbeat, but a little egocentric and narrow-minded. Oddly enough, he wasn't always like that. Both Shadow and Flame's personalities seem to become flawed when balance shifts in the universe. (Crazy, no?)

Biography: Doesn't talk about his past much. Him and Shadow swore they wouldn't give away too many secrets about who they were before they became god-like figures.


The Flame Angel belongs to me.
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phantomshoujo Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Candy2021 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007  Student Digital Artist
sexy seyx body!!! I love this! he looks great and a perfect contrast to shadow! I love his lil " lol
and shadow going "shut up: in the corner XD its so cute

he came out great cina! its good to see both of these!
elemente Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2007
I really like the way this turned out! Now I can draw him sometime! 8D

I have to knowz somethin: When an angel or demon levels to being a shadow demon or flame angel (Forgot the level number) they no longer have any physical body? I was thinkin of drawin Nove as Flame's successor, but I'm iffy on the idea of him no longer having his sexy bod.
NeroStreet Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Hmm... Nove as Flame successor... interesting. Never considered successors for either Flame or Shadow.
As for your question... umm... I never really thought about it. I guess not since both Flame and Shadow died then immidiately became god-like figures. Go ahead and draw it how you want since I haven't quite figured this all out yet. It's there, I just can't put it into words. XB
elemente Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
perhaps we can discuss it a bit more next time ya plunge into the depths of MSN IM, lol
WhiteTreeFox Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2007
he's really cute! I like the way you drew his hands, it's a nice touch to his character :3
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