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This is my humble little gallery. I'm not a terrific artist, but I'm always happy to receive helpful critiques and comments to help me improve. ^^ Feel free to take a look around, but please no sticky hands/paws/claws/talons/tentacles/whatever you have! Thank you.
I now take commissions. For info, please read my journal.


Ditzy Doodles
Really silly style doodles for really cheap. These are just fun for me!
Sketch commissions of one character.

If you want a sketch with more than one character or a detailed background, please note me!

[If you want to pay with PayPal instead, I have a price sheet here.]
Single character only, if you want multiple characters, please note me.

Either with traditional ink pens or digital. 

[If you want to pay with PayPal instead, I have a price sheet here.]
Digitally Colored Sketch
One character only. If you want multiple characters, please note me!

[Also available on PayPal, price sheet here.] 
Digital Simple Shading
Drawing of one character with either thick brush lines or thin, single-weight lines.

Please note me if you want extra characters or complex background.

[If you want to pay with PayPal instead, I have a price sheet here.]
Complex Shading
Drawing of one character with multiple layers of shading. 

Please note me if you want more than one character per drawing or complex backgrounds.

If you want to pay with PayPal instead, I have a price sheet here.]

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Have I seriously not written a journal since June? LMAO frikkin aye...

OK for people who don't want to read the rest, I'll just provide you with the links to my Patreon:

^ Right here.

Every reward tier gives you bonus content that I don't post anywhere else, such as WIPs, sketches, and speedpaints.

It's mostly a tipping jar at this point. I do eventually want to bulk it up so I can live off of it, but for now I'm saving up for something that I'll explain a bit more further down.

For those who want to support me but don't really care about all the Patreon content, or don't want to pay monthly (though you can cancel Patreon at any time), you can simply tip me by buying me a tea:

Buy Me a Coffee at

And as always, I have commissions!

It's all supported through PayPal so I would definitely appreciate it!


I do, random inquisitive straw person, and I love my job! I don't want to leave it, but there are some things that I need financial help with.

Firstly, I ended up changing studios and now make FAR less per week than I did at my last contract. BUT DON'T YOU ALREADY HAVE EXPERIENCE? Yes, but two things: I only have about a year and a half worth of experience. I don't really have enough experience to be picky with my pay rate. And the other thing is I'm an immigrant, so I'm at even MORE of a disadvantage. If I want to stay in this country, I just have to keep working.
I should mention that I do have the opportunity to make more than what I am if I do more than my quota, but I'm not going to rely on it. Things have been a bit hectic so far so even with 10 hour days, I can't seem to make the minimum. I won't disclose details, but just know it's been a rocky first episode and I'm the type to err on the side of caution.
It really isn't all bad. I really love my team, and I'm enjoying the show. It's nice to be on an adult cartoon (a la Rick and Morty, but NO I AM NOT ON RAM, so please don't ask me about Season 3) instead of the usual kids shows I'm on. Not that I dislike kids shows. Quite the contrary. I'm just saying it's nice to have variety in the content I'm on.
But I digress...
Because I'm a little uncertain about my finances this year, it doesn't hurt to have a little help on the side.

And there are even MORE reasons for my decision for getting a Patreon...

The bae and I have been talking about him sponsoring me so I can get my Canadian permanent residency. From what we're told, it's the easiest way to do it, since he has his now, but the HUGE downside is that I'm not legally allowed to work, even with a permit. And with my reduced paycheck, I won't be able to save very easily. Certainly not what I was capable of last year. And it's EXPENSIVE to live in the city, so we really need to scrimp all we can.

Next, my poor beau hasn't seen his family since 2013, so we're really pushing to visit his family this Christmas. But again, I'm having trouble bulking up my savings after being unemployed for two months between contracts, much less being able to save money.

Next, we're trying to save up to move out of our current place. It may happen sooner than we were planning because since the new year started, we've had bedbugs TWICE and have been infested with rats. We managed to catch one and threw him in the river, but I forgot rats can swim, LOL. As long as it stays out of our house, I'm fine with it.
But again... can't really save right now, but we HAVE to move out before the end of this year. The house we're living in is going to be torn down at the end of the year so... it's not even a question at this point. We knew that coming in, but we didn't have a choice at the time, and I wasn't expecting to change studios. So we have to worry about THAT, too.

Finally, I haven't really been drawing a lot lately because, despite being unemployed for two months between contracts, my chronic pain did not subside. In some ways it got worse. This last month has been especially bad.
I also found out I have chronic pain a few months ago. I had suspected for a while, but wasn't sure until the I described my symptoms to the company masseur (man who massages). I've had shoulder/back pain for as long as I can remember, and my last few contracts have been very stressful. I've always been a tense person, and when I'm stressed, I have a tendency to tense my muscles until they hurt. 
I am finally seeing a pain therapist, but Canadian health insurance doesn't cover everything, and my employer-based insurance won't kick in for another two months. It's not too expensive per session, but since I'm trying to undo A LIFETIME of pain, I need to return as much as I can afford so I can become functional again. Originally my doctor wanted me to come twice a week, but I can only afford once every two weeks. Maybe once a week but then I have almost NO money leftover after.

So... yeah! I have some stuff already on my Patreon and I try to update it at least once a week with new WIPs or sketches. Once I manage my pain, I'll be sure to produce even MORE content, but that'll take a couple months easily.

If you made it this far down, thank you! I hope I can continue to make new, and awesome content for everyone in 2017!
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